Antwerp Diamonds

Vaughan's Jewelry & Fine Gifts travels to Antwerp, Belgium, to handpick diamonds for our customers. Heralded as the world's diamond capital, more that 50% if all rough, polished & Industrial diamonds pass through Antwerp. 

The City that makes Diamonds the Heart of the Diamond Industry Throughout its history, Antwerp has been known as the center of business and culture, but its most important title is "Diamond Capitol of the World". The numbers tell the tale: 8 in 10 of all rough diamonds in the world are handled here. 1 in 2 of all cut diamonds pass through the city. Four of the world's diamond bourses are located here. The diamond trade is responsible for 8% of Belgian exports, and Antwerp's diamond business has an annual turnover of 29 billion dollars. Antwerp truly is an international hub where diamond cutters, dealers, and jewelry manufactures from around the world converge.

Diamond Trade
Diamond is the hardest substance found in nature. It is pure carbon formed deep in the earth's core into a hard and rare crystal . Diamonds are mined around the world. In its "rough" form, a diamond bears little resemblance ro the sparkling treasure it will become. A diamond's true beauty must be revealed through the hands of a skilled diamond cutter. Diamonds can be cut and polished in a variety of shapes like round, princess, pear, heart, marquise, oval, or other specialty cuts.

Rough and polished diamonds are bought and traded in the Antwerp diamond market by dealers and brokers from all over the world. Diamonds are evaluated for sale using the 4 C's of Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight. Trained diamond graders use these four characteristics to determine the price, rarity, and beauty of every diamond.

The knowledge and expertise of Antwerp's Diamond cutters has been passed from master to apprentice since the very beginning. This is why Antwerp's diamond cutters are considered the finest in the world.

NO two diamonds are the same. Only an experienced diamond cutter can determine the best way to cut a rough diamond to yield the best result. The cutter must decide how it can be worked for the greatest advantage with the least possibly lose of weight and the greatest clarity.

Vaughan's Jewelry & Gifts takes diamonds very seriously. We are not just jewelers, we are also diamond brokers. As diamond brokers, we are able to travel to the buying offices of the most powerful diamond center in the world. This gives us access to the incredible inventories that Antwerp has to offer. We are able to search through thousands of carats of diamonds, selecting only the most perfect diamonds at the lowest prices.

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